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Australian Rustic Art Pieces

James creates sculpture and other art pieces for local Fleurieu Peninsula customers, Adelaide, South Australian, interstate and overseas art lovers. You can see examples of corrugated iron artworks on our Marine gallery page. Other styles utilise new stainless steel, mild steel and Corten steel. A familiar medium for the artist is the use of found objects, often referred to as 'assemblage art' and encompassing the steampunk genre.

Scrap sculpture, recycled or 'up-cycled' are a focus of the Rusty Fish Gallery, reducing landfill however just a fortunate by-product with James intent always on the best representation of his subject matter. Birds, animals and critters often take on an animated appearance with mechanical and automotive styles giving the notion of functionality.

A career in commercial art specialising in illustration which is often required to be quite realistic and strict has led to a more expressionistic style for James when painting for pleasure. A keen sense of place, proportion and composition go hand in hand and show through in his photographic work.


Artist James Stewart in his studio/workshop